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  Reg No : 093-197

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16 Protea Avenue Meredale Ext 2 Jhb South
South Africa

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Ms..Margaret Sikhulu
Ph: 0736564088 / 0110501654

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Transportation 21 February 2013
  To have a car donor who will donate cars/cars that will transport our tanants to schools, hospitals, point A to B e.t.c both mothers & children and to fetch food from our food sponsors

Charity Overview

Shalom house of refuge is registered NON Profit Organisation aimed to support abused woman and their children by so doing trying to eliminate the rate (number) of those abused, in-need and under-privileged people in South Africa, it is a shelter for abused women and their children situated in Johannesburg South to serve victims from Soweto, Turfontein, Rosettenville, Eldorado Park, Kliptown and else where should there be a need and available space.
The aim is to provide shelter for these vulnerable people so as to allow them time to heal and find their feet on the ground, empower them physically, mentally, spiritually, educationally and skills wise so as to enable them to go back to society as independent confident individuals who can help the society in identifying abuse before it escalates to crime.
We work with local schools for ABED and FET Colleges to empower our ladies educationally since many of them come to the shelter with little or no education at all.Shalom House of Refuge is also used to help people in temporary crisis cases, an example of this, is a case we had to shelter for a week a group of twenty students from the Free State who came to register at Johannesburg Central College but had no where to wait for the registration. They were sleeping in the street


Purpose of SHR

Our purpose is to provide safe and secure accommodation to abused women and their children with the focus of providing a foundation that will allow the broken to be healed, and stimulate the growth of self-respect in such individuals. We seek to bring as many of these vulnerable women and their children to a place where they can rebuild their self-respect, dignity, hope, trust and self-confidence to realise their potential and roles that they can play in society.

In the process of doing this we would like to provide
• Skills training, job opportunities for abused woman and their children so they will be able to add value to society as well as themselves.
• Counselling services for abused woman and their children.
• Facilities to help those people in need including but not limited to: accommodation, clothing, food, education, development skills, care and motivational programmes.
• To support and develop other public benefit organisations such as orphanage homes, retirement homes, clinics and medical facilities and other care facilities.

We endeavour to
• Create employment opportunities for residents and wider communities.
• Seek government and business involvement a partners in our goal of socio economic development and skills empowerment of the victims.
• Participate in crime prevention by designing programmes that will educate people to be able to identify early signs of abuse and to pro-actively teach people to speak about abuse before it escalates to crime.
• Work closely with other organisations to ensure the efficient distribution of welfare, education, safety, victim empowerment and other resources.

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