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  Reg No : 086-407-NPO

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36 Swallow Street Rant en Dal
South Africa

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Miss..Karen  van Zyl
Ph: 0116652017

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Wish List
Cash Donations 22 October 2012
  Our Annual budget is R164000. We currently still need about R100 000 in 7 weeks.
School Shoes 22 October 2012
  We are in need of 40 pairs of school shoes. 20 pairs for Girls and 20 pairs for boys between the ages of 7-12.

Charity Overview

The Royal Family Kids Camp (RFKC) was founded in 1985 in the USA by Waine and Diana Tesch. The RFKC concept was brought to our shores in 2000 and immediately took off like a veld fire, and we now have 11 camps running across South Africa.
(You can read more about RFKC International at

The local (Krugersdorp) Royal Family Kids Ministry consists of a group of trained and qualified volunteers who specialise in reaching out and ministering to abused, molested and neglected children from a variety of backgrounds. Our modus operandi is to organise a week long camp during the December school holidays.

We are registered as a non profitable organisation (Mogale Upliftment Fund) and our NPO number is as follows: 086-407-NPO. We have successfully conducted RFKC Camps since 2000. More info about RFKC is available at various sources on the web, such as websites, facebook groups and even videos on youtube etc.

Our aim

Our aim for 2012 is to take a total of 40 abused and traumatised children between the ages of 7 and 12 years on a life skills camp during this coming December (i.e. 20 boys and 20 girls per camp). The children who will attend our camps are nominated independently by social workers and selected in collaboration with them.

Changing a child’s perception of life

For many of these children spending a week at RFKC will probably be the first time they experience security, warmth and love from dedicated and trained adult care givers and professional counsellors.
For these abused and neglected children it can be a life-changing experience.
A week at camp can have a bigger impact on a child’s self-image than a whole year at school can! Each of our children are treated as royalty, as special, as being part of a royal family. Your own children experience this every day, our Royal Family friends have never had the privilege!

Resources needed

We leave no stone unturned in our effort to nurture these kids and to impart happy memories, a hopeful future and the knowledge that we are people who care. The costs per child for a week’s camp is estimated at R4100-00 which include accommodation at a fabulous resort for a week, gourmet meals, treats, entertainment and games, skills crafts and self-esteem building activities under full time adult guidance and supervision. This amounts to R 164 000 in total, which might seem like a lot for one week, but this is the only week such as this that these kids will ever get!

These children usually arrive at the camp with barely anything except for the clothes they are wearing. To enable us to give these children a week to remember, we also need basic clothing and shoes, toiletries, medication, towels, sun protection lotion, deodorants, hair brushes/combs, shampoo, etc.
Please join us in our effort to uplift these kids and show them that someone cares.

Should you decide to contribute to this worthy cause, we want to thank you in advance on behalf of all the children who will benefit from your valued support and their unforgettable life changing experience at RFKC.
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