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Welcome to iSupport, the community of charity organisations and those that support them. This is where you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.


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17 Sonata Street Retreat
Cape town
South Africa

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Mr..Paul Talliard
Ph: 072 13 89 150

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Second hand laptop and projector 27 September 2012
  We currently have over 200 young boys and girls who attend our monthly Drug and Crime Prevention Days. We have since found that visual powerpoint presentaions illustrating the harmful effects that drugs have on the internal organs to very powerful. This donation will go a long way to help reach our goal,which is to rid our community from the scourge of drugs and crime. The sponsor will be featured on our website. We thank you for making life more bearable for those born into marginalised communities

Charity Overview

We work with and assist those making the transitionfrom a position of homelessness or hopelessness to one of self-sufficency.In recognition of our work in restoring honour and dignity to the lost we were NOMINATED - FINALIST in the DEUTSCHE BANK URBAN AGE AWARD - 2012 for our REGENERATION of CITY and SOUL program
Those who find themselves in a state of homelessness are encuraged to take part in our REGENERATION OF CITY and SOUL program which addresses a widespread SOCIAL ILL,namely UNEMPLOYMENT ,often the sur for criminality ,drug use or gang membership.
The program involves transforming diused/derelict buildings into safe,clean public spaces conducive to economic development and community healing whilst reintergrating it's particpants back into their communities.
Former homeless,drug addicts and gang members,all graduates of the Hands of Honour, do the landscaping and construction work.

The benefits of the program are many and varied:
(1)The immediate environment is enhanced as the derelict building or space is enhanced by the Hands of Honour members
(2)As the former homeless/drug addicts showcase their skills ,their chances of employment are drammatically increased
(3)Reconciliation takes place as the former lawbreakers beautify the community they once terrorised with their anti-social activities.
(4)The space that has been transformed is now ''claimed'' back by the community,never to be used for anti-social activities again.
(5) One particular space in our community ,that was formerly used for anti-social activities has been transformed inot a community factory making school uniforms that are inturn sold to the poor community at cost price making it affordable for all.
(6)Employment is created as formerly unemployed women and men are employed as cutters,ironers and machinists in the factory

Many lives have been changed by this program with many participants getting out of drugs and crime and claiming their rightful roles as breadwinners for their families and rolemodels for youth at risk in their communities.

We are proud of a signed statement from the South African Police Services stating that since we have began operating crime has come down as reflected in the crime statistics for the area we work in.

Those who have successfully completed our drug/crime programs have since taking part in our monthly youth anti -crime and drug awareness days.
As a result our we have many young boys who have joined our organisation with one being NOMINATED - FINALIST in the AMY BIEHL YOUTH SPIRIT AWARD 2012
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